Trust in faith ministry. Working with ACHG Fun Time Superstars.

The mic is open on this website for us to share information for a purpose driven better life. TIFM and ACHG Fun Time Superstars are all over the low country with our cameras spot lighting and talking about our school's, laws, government, church, events, and positive entertainment of all kinds. Or tell us whatever you want to talk about. To reach the unchurch as well as the in church people of today, and asking people their point of view on things that they would like to see happen or change for a more positive purpose. To meet people right where they are now, in their family's, community's, city's, state's, and the world.

Changing lives for the better. We have free programs and talk groups to help us after we get in trouble, but we need intervention. Be it drugs, alcohol, mentally, marriage, but if we would talk more about these things maybe we could stop some of them from happening. This is a site where you can share your point of view, and see what other points of view are. If we communicate more with each other it could help us to understand one another and get along better. This is where people can talk to one another, because when we forgive or receive forgiveness it frees us, and when we love or receive love it heals us.

I like what TD Jake's said, a good Christian is telling others where they found the bread. We will also be doing talent shows, and events of all kinds throughout the low country, sponsored by YOU the people with support from TIFM, hosted/filmed by ACHG Fun Time Superstars Production. So look out we may just walk up to you with our cameras and ask you. What do you have to say about what matters to you?

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